A set of panelists, all teachers & educators, will talk about what it’s like using their various flavors of fandom to help educate kids.


Brandon Boylan

Not so long ago, in our own special galaxy, I was a kid (some would say I still am), and like it did to so many people, Star Wars grabbed my heart and soul. My life was forever changed thanks to George Lucas and the amazing mythology he created.

My love of the saga evolved and grew as I did. The stories within that galaxy far, far away helped me in the darkest depths of my life, saving me from my own black mask and revealing the (I like to think) good man beneath.

Now some 27 years into this adventure we call life, I have been given the opportunity to share Star Wars with hundreds of people, from students to readers of clashingsabers.net, from listeners to my podcasts to people just looking to find their own inner hero.

Star Wars and its many lessons created me. Made me the man I am. Inspired me to help people, be it my students, community, or the denizens in the farthest reaches of the galaxy. For that opportunity, I will be forever indebted to the greatest mythology ever created.


Vernon Renegar

A graduate of the University of Texas, Vernon Renegar spent many years as an elementary school teacher in Texas, and has more recently moved to Florida to continue his teaching career.  Vernon is a huge fan of comics and sci-fi.  FWIW, when asked about “Marvel vs DC” Vernon is strongly in the DC camp.  Check out the teachers panel to here how Vernon uses his passion for comics and movies to help his kids progress and succeed!

Featured Speakers

Claudia Christian

Claudia has starred in over 50 films and hundreds of hours of television. Sci-fi fans around the world know her from her work on the Hugo award winning show Babylon 5.

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Colin Cantwell

The original concept artist and modeler for all things that flew in the first Star Wars movie. His designs include the X-Wing, Death Star, original Millennium Falcon, and many others.

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Noah Fleder

Noah is a life-long Tae Kown Do martial artist, avid sci-fi and comic fan, and a distinguished indie film director. His internet smash-hit “Revenge of the Kids” has over 100 million views.

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Ryan Schneider

Ryan is an award-winning, 21-year brand-building veteran who has led literally dozens of AAA video game launches across multiple platforms spanning from PS One through virtual reality.

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