Q&A with Sci-Fi Television’s Leading Lady, Claudia Christian

In the early 90s, Claudia Christian was sci-fi television’s leading lady as Babylon 5’s Susan Ivanova. Her character was smart, powerful, and well, badass.

Since the show’s departure from the TNT network in 1998, Claudia has since dedicated her time to voicing several characters for video games such as Skyrim and Fallout 4. She also dedicates her time to helping people with alcohol-use disorder through her philanthropic organization, C3 Foundation.


We got a chance to chat with Claudia about her favorite Babylon 5 scenes and the craziest cosplay costumes she’s ever seen at a con.

Here’s what she had to say:

IGC: Claudia, how’d your role in Babylon 5 come about? 

CC: The traditional way… I auditioned for it.

IGC: Well, you sure lucked out during that audition, Claudia! Susan Ivanova was a progressive character for her time.

CC: Absolutely. I loved Ivanova’s strength, complexity and honor.

IGC: Was there anything you didn’t like about her?

CC: Gosh, no. I wanted her to loosen up a little in the second season, though. Our show producer, Joseph Straczynski, was kind enough to do just that.

IGC: And we love him for it! It showed a different dimension to your character and acting abilities! So, tell us, what’s the funnest thing you got to do as Ivanova?

CC:  Probably the Lumati “boom shakalaka” scene. That seems to be the one fans enjoyed the most as far as “fun” scenes go!

IGC: What’s the craziest Babylon 5 cosplay you’ve seen?

CC: I have only seen really, really great costumes that reflect the real show costumes; nothing adapted, like a mix genre thing. I recently met a woman in Pennsylvania that was one heck of a Londo, though.

IGC: What do you like the best about fan conventions, Claudia?

CC: The fans and their questions, love and support for my nonprofit foundation and advocacy. They rock.

IGC: Do you have a favorite fan moment?

CC: I have many beloved moments, most of them involve a fan who felt that Ivanova made them comfortable identifying as gay or bisexual, or Jewish fans that appreciate the fact that my character was a practicing Jew on a science fiction series.

IGC: Are you a fan of any other universes?

CC: Of course! My novel (with writing partner Morgan Grant Buchanan) titled Wolf’s Empire is set in a Rome that never fell and our new book from Tor Books is set in an alternative Elizabethan world.

IGC: What are you most excited about for InterGalactiCon?

CC: Meeting the fans.

IGC: And what can fans expect from you?

CC: Full access!

To learn more about Claudia Christian, visit her website: http://claudiachristian.net/

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