IGC Policies

Keep in mind…

InterGalactiCon San Diego (“IGC”) reserves the right to change or modify any policy, guideline, or rule at any time without prior notice. Our policies apply to everyone at IGC – from attendees and speakers to exhibitors, press, and IGC staff. Our policies are all in place to make sure everyone has a safe, fun, and memorable convention.


You must issued a badge in order to be within the IGC convention space and events.  IGC badges remain the property of InterGalactiCon and are provided for use with valid purchased or complimentary admission.

Always wear your badge in a visible location while at IGC. IGC staff may perform random security checks throughout the con.

Harassment / Code of Conduct

Cosplay is NOT consent. If you would like to take a photo with a cosplayer or another attendee, always be respectful and show common courtesy by asking them first, and to also respect their right to say no. In the immortal words from Bill & Ted: “Be excellent to each other!”

InterGalactiCon San Diego has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards harassment of any kind. Harassment may be considered (but is not limited to): stalking, offensive verbal comments, inappropriate and/or unwelcome physical attention, harassing or non-consenual photography, intimidation, physical assult and/or battery, or sustained disruption of any event.

This applies in relation to, but not limited to:  race, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, body size, disability, appearance, religion, citizenship, or pregnancy.

If IGC staff asks anyone to stop in their behavior, they are expected to comply immediately. IGC reserves the right to revoke, without refund, anyone’s badge and right to attend, including expulsion from the con and hotel property. Depending on the situation, IGC may involve hotel security, the San Diego Police Department, or other local law enforcement.

Anyone can report misconduct, harassment or safety concerns. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel your safety is at risk or you are being harassed, or you see the same happening to someone else, you should immediately report the situation to a member of IGC staff so that the matter can be immediately investigated and addressed.

Costume Prop & Weapon Policy

No functional props or weapons are allowed at InterGalactiCon San Diego.
* All costume props are subject to inspection.
* All costume props must conform to state and federal laws.
* Simulated weapons must be non-firing and have a brightly colored tip/cap
* Projectile costume props and weapons must be rendered inoperable.
* Arrows (real/functional) must have their tips removed and must be zip-tied in a bundle and remain in a quiver.
* If you are in an oversized costume, IGC staff may ask you to leave an area due to crowds and the safety of others.

We want to keep this simple and keep the con fun. Keep common sense and safety in mind with your props and weapons at all times. Don’t be that person who makes us have to update our policies.

Photo/Video Recording

Photos and video recording are allowed at InterGalactiCon San Diego. By attending the convention you acknowledge that you may be photographed or videographed at some point during the course of the event. Nonetheless, we still ask that you abide by the code of conduct with respect to photographing fans, cosplayers, and other attendees.


You should not plan to utilize your pet as part of your costume. Please do not bring pets; this includes snakes, reptiles, and any other non-human creatures to the convention. Grey Aliens may be allowed, however, upon inspection. Properly identified service animals are allowed.

Retail Sales

All retail sales are limited to the exhibit hall with the purchase of an exhibit booth. No retails sales are allowed outside of purchasing an exhibit booth through InterGalactiCon San Diego.


It’s California – it seems like you can’t smoke anywhere these days. Please abide by all state and local laws, including hotel policies, with regards to smoking and vaping. That means no smoking inside the convention area or within 20 feet of any exterior entrance.

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