The IGC Manifesto

The inaugural InterGalactiCon is dedicated to being a con for the fans, by the fans, and of the fans. Created specifically to provide a more intimate experience we promise shorter lines, more fan-focused speakers, and a more social setting. This is a chance for members from every tribe to gather together and celebrate the passion shared across every corner of the fandom universe.



We will be…


Everyone is invited to participate. Be you the hardest of the hardcore or the newest of the new, every fan is welcome to join in the fun.


This is no place to hold back. We want to see your most imaginative cosplay. Hear your geekiest questions. This is the time to let your passion shine.


Our smaller setting and more fan-friendly set up will encourage more time and opportunity for face-to-face interaction. We’ll all be friends here.


Meet the speakers. Interact with all of the exhibitors. Hang out in our social lounges. We are about less waiting and more doing.



We invite you to join us and Free Your Fandom. See how great a con can be when the fans come first. Gamers, Geeks, Streamers, Cosplayers, Titans, Warlock, Trekkies, 501sters, and Larpers of the world…this is your call to come revel among your kind.

We’ll see you there!*

*Unless you come as The Invisible Man

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