Five Things to Pack In Your IGC Go-Bag

TO: IGC fans

FROM: Patrick, IGC Executive Assistant


When planning for a magical winter getaway on the ice planet Hoth you need your parka, lightsaber, best friend Han, and a friendly Tauntaun.

If you’re going for a quick jaunt to the Blue Area of the Moon you’ll need your Phoenix Costume, boyfriend Scott, a copy of “Defeating the Sh’iar Imperial Guard for Dummies” and an ancient Kree weapon to nobly sacrifice yourself.

When packing for InterGalactiCon 2018 there are few must haves in your Go-Bag. I have compiled a list of the top 5 necessities, for what promises to be an EPIC weekend.

Tickets – I know this sounds dumb in our digital age, but I still like to have a ticket in hand when attending an event. You can collect your badge using your phone to access your ticket, but I like to call that “Plan B”. So, since you have obviously already purchased your tickets, grab the closest wireless printer connection and print your pass to awesomeness.

Phone – Like we go anywhere without them, I know I don’t. Your phone will be one of the most important tools in your Go-Bag and is really going to come in handy at InterGalactiCon. Not only can you call your (lesser) friends who didn’t come and tell them what they are missing, but you can show it in photos as you actually become a part of the magic of InterGalactiCon. Speaking of those photos, InterGalactiCon is plugged in to all the social medias, and we will be monitoring for mentions, likes, and shares. So take a video, pic, soundbite, plug in #IGC2018 and let it loose on the interwebs. If you ask nicely I bet any of the awesome cosplayers will help you create the best InstaTweetBook post ever.

Wallet – This is going to be important, just as important as your phone; if you want the full IGC2018 experience you’re gonna need your wallet. There will be water for hydration, food for energy, and for those of you who enjoy an adult beverage on occasion, we have you covered (with some ID). You’ll also need funds for all of the cool swag and nerd paraphernalia you pick up.

Cosplay Supplies – You’re already planning your costume, right? Whether you’re a Stormtrooper, Asgardian Deity, or Wizard you are going to need some touch up gear. So make sure and save room in your Go-Bag for makeup, tape, and extra nuts and bolts to keep your amazing outfit looking fresh and exciting. Don’t forget we have a Costume Repair Room setup to help you make those quick fixes!

Room Key – IGC is going to be hosted at the Town & Country in San Diego. They have rooms of every size and price point to fit anyone’s budget. Book your room now (if you haven’t already) so you don’t have to drive after our awesome VIP party or the Saturday AfterParty. It’ll also come in handy when you need to grab a quick disco nap to recharge and stay fresh during the Con.

Now of course you want to save some room for the Limited Edition swag you will pick up, contact info of new best friends you just met, and memories that will last a lifetime.  And when you get home and unpack, just stick your bag on a shelf so you’ll know exactly where it is for IGC2019. You’re coming to that, right? I know I am.

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