IGC Cosplay Contest Details

Show us what you’ve got in the IGC Cosplay Contest!

The cosplay contest is open to both original characters and characters from every media including TV shows, anime, comics, video games, and card games. Have difficulty sewing and prop making? Don’t worry! We will be judging purchased cosplay and hand-made cosplay equally and held to the same standards. All we want is your best. Feel free to enter individually or in a group. There will be awards for Best in Show as well as prizes for the following categories:

  • Most creative
  • Fan favorite (based on crowd reactions)
  • Best group
  • Best handmade costume
  • Best prop

By entering the contest, you are automatically eligible for Best in Show and any of the sub-categories. However, you may only win one category. For example, if you place in Best in Show (1st, 2nd, or 3rd), then you cannot also win best handmade cosplay.

Rules and what to expect

You will be judged based on the accuracy, craftsmanship, and overall appearance of your cosplay as well as the presentation on stage. We kindly ask that you refrain from nudity, profanity, political or religious statements, and projectiles of any kind. Use of any of these will result in disqualification. We will not be allowing skits, microphones, or specific music. The costume contest will be held early on during the Saturday night After Party. We will ask that you report to the judging location (to be announced) 60 minutes before the contest is scheduled in order to register and participate in pre-judging. If you miss pre-judging, you will not be allowed to compete.

During pre-judging, you will be asked about your cosplay, be inspected, and you can share any and all details about your cosplay. At the time of the final contest, contestants will then be asked to line up by the stage and will be called up individually or in your group. When you are on stage, get into character and have some fun!

Good luck to all of our contestants!

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