Free Your Fandom

Whether you’re an expert-level fan or just getting started, InterGalactiCon invites you to “Free Your Fandom” at a con where you can relax, interact, and participate without the stress of larger shows. This new comic convention opens the door to an intimate universe for nerds.

InterGalactiCon Cosplayers
InterGalacticon Gamers

What Makes IGC Unique?

We’re just the right size. Smaller than the Big Cons, where lines can last days and Hollywood runs the agenda, yet bigger than hyper-focused local gatherings, that celebrate only one kind of fandom. We’re a place for all kinds of fans to gather, see the things they want to see, and have some crazy imaginative fun together.

Above all else, we aim to put fans at the center of the InterGalactiCon universe.

We pay attention to the details that could only be recognized and appreciated by fans.

We strive to operate an extremely well-orchestrated and professional convention.

We are all different, yet we are equal in our shared passions. We respect each unique tribe in attendance.

We understand that every fan has a unique tribe. We bring the fandom sets together to celebrate all passions.

Why Choose A Smaller Con?

We believe that, in a lot of ways, a smaller con is a better con. The Big Cons have become living chaos, and many of you feel like they just don't care about you as an attendee. At times they're as much about “Big Con tourists” as they are actual fans; they've become exhausting experiences. Of course we still love them, but IGC can offer a lot more to people like you who just want to enjoy being a fan.

Everything at IGC is easier to experience, helping ensure you get to do the things you want. No waiting outside in the rain!

We are fans. We know fans. So we get the kind of speakers and exhibitors you want to see.

We are able to add the special touches. Like having a lounge, workshops, and parties - all included!