2018 Schedule of Events

June 15
Day Zero

3:00pm 11:00pm

Hotel Check In

Hotel Lobby

For incoming overnight stays at the Convention Venue, Town & Country San Diego will start to check guests in at 3:00pm. This gives you plenty of time to prep for a night at the VIP Party.

7:00pm 11:00pm

VIP Party

The Tiki Pavilion

Friday night is the exclusive VIP party! The party is an open-bar event (but please, tip your bartenders!) and it will be held at the Tiki Pavilion, the Grand Fountain, and Rose Garden areas.

How about we make this a formal affair?  Dress to the 9’s, strut your stuff, and let’s kick this year off in style!  Mando armor counts as formal attire, so you’re good! Expect a fantastic evening warming up for the con under the gorgeous night sky!

June 16

10:00am 11:00am

Keynote with Claudia Christian

Atlas Ballroom

Kicking off InterGalactiCon San Diego 2018 will be the opening keynote session by Hollywood actress Claudia Christian!  Claudia is well known for her role as Cmdr Susan Ivanova from the ground-breaking TV series Babylon 5!  She’s gone on to write a number of books and also founded the C3 Foundation.  Join us for an inspiring chat with Claudia about her rise and role in fandom.

9:00am 6:00pm

IGC Artists, Exhibitors & Lounge

Atlas Ballroom South

It’s worth your time to come visit the extraordinary artists and exhibitors at IGC this year!  See what local and far-away inspirational artists have to offer, and some of the great companies which help keep our fandom going strong!  The Artist & Exhibitor hall is part of the IGC Social Lounge, open all day long for your eyeballs!

And to make sure you know we’ve got your backs, we’ve set aside space just so you have somewhere to chill! We’re bringing in food & drink bars, lots of tables, and even sofas so you and your friends can take a break! Come hang out, compare merch, talk about the panel you just saw, mingle with other people!

11:00am 12:00pm

Designing the Galaxy

Atlas Ballroom

We are honored with a special presentation from the creator of the Death Star and many of the original Star Wars vehicles, Colin Cantwell!  Colin will talk with us about how he created some of the most iconic starships from a galaxy far, far away!

9:00am 6:00pm

The Game Room

Royal Palm Rooms 1&2

In the combined Game Room, we’ll have both video games and table-top games for you! We have an old-school LAN party planned, as well as some table-top/board gamers bringing some cool stuff for you!

Got something YOU want to run? Let us know here!

12:00pm 1:00pm

Legend of the Kick Master

Atlas Ballroom

Noah Fleder, founder and head of Force Storm Entertainment, brings his staff of distinguished independent filmmakers to talk about what it takes, and what it’s like, to make a film and work in fandom!  And of course, talking about their most recent work, Legend of the Kickmaster!

9:00am 7:00pm

Costume Repair Room

Royal Palm Room 5

There’s nothing worse than spending months getting your cosplay outfit “just right” – then you show up at an event and something goes wrong!

We’ve got your back! Royal Palm Room 6 is being set aside as a “Repair Room” just for you! Instead of hiking all the way back to your hotel room (if you have one, that is) there’s something in our space where you can do quick repairs and then get right back to having fun!

1:00pm 2:00pm

Inspiring Games

Atlas Ballroom

Inspiration comes from all sorts of places for all sorts of reasons. Many of us find video games inspiring on various ways. We are honored to have Ryan Schneider from Insomniac Games here to talk to us about how developers infuse themselves into these games we play, and how that can even translate into the real-world! Ryan himself has become an accomplished competitive Ironman athlete and has now gone even further to coach and inspire others!

9:00am 11:30am

Hollywood Style

Royal Palm Rooms 3&4

Kicking off the day, even before the speakers get on stage, check out Ashley Sher, professional hair and make-up artist! She will be hosting a workshop to help you with some pro-level cosplay work! Ashley will do a complete cosplay make-up job on one lucky volunteer. Make sure you are there to watch, ask questions, and interact as the whole thing comes together!

2:00pm 3:00pm

Eureka Reunion

Atlas Ballroom

Join us as we bring together Colin Ferguson (Sheriff Jack Carter), Niall Matter (Zane Donovan), Ed Quinn (Nathan Stark), and Jordan Hinson (Zoe Carter) from the hit TV-series EUREKA!  They will all be joining us in this first-ever (?) reunion since the show ended, and share with us tales from on-site, and what they’ve been doing then!

10:00a 5:00p

Lightsaber Training & Demos

Lion Fountain Court

Bring our your Jedi (or Sith) and engage with San Diego Sabers, the premiere San Diego lightsaber combat training group, and see if you have what it takes to wield the Force!  Throughout the day they will be holding demos and training for people who cannot wait to hold that “laser sword” in their hands!

3:00pm 4:00pm

The Impact of Music

Atlas Ballroom

We’ve created a session where we have Trevor Baca and Joe Sanders who will talk about music in games, movies, sci-fi and the stories involved in creating it, how it changes the entire tone of creative works with a few simple notes!  These industry leading panelists are ready to take you on this journey!

12:00n 1:00p

Uncharted Regions

Royal Palm Rooms 3&4

As part of their get-to-know-us tour, Neal & Jana Hallford will be showing a new episode of their Uncharted Regions series entitled “These Haunted Hills” starring Gigi Edgley, well known from the Farscape TV series. Following the episode, Neal & Jana will give a short talk about the show and the series, as well as taking your questions!

4:00pm 5:00pm

Teaching Fandom

Atlas Ballroom

While the drama may be low, the impact is real.  Brandon Boylan and Vernon Renegar, both teachers & educators, will talk about what it’s like using their various flavors of fandom to help educate kids in their classrooms.

2:00pm 6:00pm

Comic Book Art Workshop

Royal Palm Rooms 3&4

How many of you dream of doing comic book art? We’ve got you covered! Our amazing friends from Little Fish Comic Book Studio are going to be here to give you a dazzling workshop on what it takes to do comic book art! Don’t be afraid to sit down & work with these extraordinarily talented folks to create something new & amazing!

5:00pm 6:00pm

Skywalker Feud

Atlas Ballroom

Does your group have what it takes to win Skywalker Feud? Survey says… Yes!  The host of the Cocky Cockpit podcast has recreated one of the most popular game shows of all time, but with a Star Wars twist! Now you and your group can experience the fun on the big stage with a chance to win prizes!

7:00p 9:00p

Lightsaber Tournament

Lion Fountain Court

Come watch the San Diego Sabers National Lightsaber Tournament!  Lightsaber fighters from across the country are coming to engage in one-on-one combat against each other, ultimately competing for that top trophy!

8:00pm 1:00am

The Grand After Party

Atlas Ballroom

With the Con wrapping up, it’s time to get down! Every person, droid, or other entity attending the con gets free admission to the Grand After Party! If you have friends who couldn’t make it during the day, we have the Party Pass available which will get them into the party for a low price!

We’ll be providing entertainment for your dancing and listening pleasure (something much more exciting than someone’s Spotify playlist, we promise). Be prepared to explore the galaxy at the cash bars with our mixologist-derived and themed-drinks! How about a Mai-Tie Fighter?

And prepare yourselves for the Grand Cosplay Contest! During the party, we’ll introduce you to the contests and select the winners.  An overall winner will be selected, as well as winners of specific categories. Prizes, prestige, and glamour await!

After Party