Calling All Cosplayers

In our opinion, you can’t have a real con without cosplay and we’ll have plenty of it. With a Cosplay Contest, a dedicated and well-stocked Repair Room, and ample glorious photo opportunities throughout the grounds of Town and Country, InterGalactiCon promises to be a cosplayer’s delight.


Show Us What You’ve Got

Nobody wants to get all dressed up with no where to show off, so this Cosplay Contest is for you! We want to celebrate and recognize all the time that goes into to creating the costumes that make cons so much fun.

You can’t spell “contest” without “con,” so naturally the two just go together.

We know these looks don’t magically make themselves. (Unless you really are a goddess.)

Cosplayers are the spirit engine of a great con and a contest is a chance to recognize that.

If It's Broken, Then Fix It

Where there is cosplay there are wardrobe malfunctions on a supernatural level. That’s why we’ll have a Repair Room open throughout the con. Whatever the reason, if you need to fix something, pop in and you’ll find what you need to get your cosplay back on point.

We want you looking your cosplay best. Stop in and make sure it hasn’t all gone wrong.

You snag your tights. Someone steps on your dress. You crash your helmet into a tree. It happens.

The Repair Room will have mirrors, tape and sewing materials on hand. And, yes…glue guns!